Coming over all Colourful

Random feather - cobalt & burnt umber


I have never been all that bothered with colour.  As a printmaker I have been obsessed with achieving good, opaque and solid blacks – get two printmakers together and they’ll spend most of their time discussing the relative values of the black parts of their works.


Flite I

But recently a funny thing has happened to me, I’ve been getting really excited about COLOUR!  I have no explanation for this, am I trying to cheer myself up,  or am I expressing some kind of inner harmony?  Who knows, but I’m enjoying the fun of discovering pleasing and unusual colour combinations.

goose - rose pink & terra cotta 2

I have posted a few here for you to see, I hope you find them pleasing.

peacock x 4 cobalt & raw umber


Hot at 100

Last night Selfridges played host to an Intelligence² debate concerning the possibility of looking attractive in old age. There’s a broad perception that female beauty and glamour have a sell-by date – but does that have to be the case? In a world where anything can happen, anywhere, and anyone can watch there should be room for everyone.  However it’s my opinion that young men and old men alike will always choose to have a beautiful young woman reflected in their gaze and not a ‘good-for-her-age’ granny.