Once politics was, if not simple then at least understandable.  There were parties on the left and parties on the right, and they would stay roughly at either end of the spectrum, fluctuating into the centre and out again; but you knew, and so did they, which side of the centre they belonged.  Then you had the parties in the centre that had to fight off incursions into its space from one side or the other.  Tribal loyalties saw to it that you would usually follow your family’s lead when placing your X on the polling card. But now conviction politicians are gone.  Candidates promise anything to get votes.  Elected politicians appease reactionary popular opinion; unpalatable stories are called fake news.  No one wants to listen to elite groups who, they argue, consider themselves superior to everyone else.


It feels like everyone is playing by different rules; change has spread right across classes, gender and the country.   Austerity is hitting some communities badly whilst others continue much as they ever have; buying necessities like foreign holidays, fast cars and super wide televisions.  The government continues to cut funding for further education and the NHS but can find enough to commit to Trident and nuclear weapons.  Many young people want to know what the point in cramming their heads with knowledge is when experts are no longer valued or guaranteed work once they are crammed with arcane facts.

The financial crisis caused by the banks hit everyone except the banks themselves, who are still getting richer.  Terrorist fanatics are killing indiscriminately across Europe and the need to gather information means that personal liberties are being invaded.

It seems obvious to me that now is the time to have a serious discussion about how our society works and what our priorities should be to prevent the very poor getting poorer and the very rich getting, well anything they want.  Should we look to the Nordic countries and raise Taxes so that our schools and hospitals work?  Should we know what proportion of our taxes go to what?  And should the disgustingly rich pay at a higher rate of Tax than the ‘Just about Managing’ people who feel they have been left behind and forgotten?

In other words, do we want politicians discussing things that don’t really matter? Do we want a higher moral and honest tone to the debates in the House of Commons – with no booing or braying?  Or shall we forever be talking about what we can screw out of our neighbours just to leave them all alone for a while?  And seriously, do any of us really think that this is a brave little country hitting way above it’s weight against larger, calculating, unscrupulous and less plucky competitors?

5 thoughts on “BRAVE NEW WORLD

  1. Hi Sheila
    great to discover you and yr work via On Paper as I viewed works submissions for their 2018 comp. I am there also, under my name, Heather Wilson. I see you are a fan of Kathe Kollwitz, a genius indeed, and much underrated really. Anyway, love your prints, and the one for On Paper. Good luck!
    Will read your blogs etc. Here is some of my work, if you’d like to see it, it’s a new site and a work in progress.

    Kind regards


    1. Thank you so very much Hetty. I didn’t know we could view submissions for ON PAPER, I’ll go and have a loo; and see if I can find yours. I’ll also have a look at your website. Like everyone else who creates, it is great to get some positive feedback. Will also follow you back. Maybe we’ll meet when we receive prizes at ON PAPER ?!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Sheila. Good to see your work and blog and Kathe Kollwitz as well, who I have much admired for a long time. You can see works submitted and past years in the ‘archive’ bit on right hand side. Some competent work, as usual, first time I have entered this one. My print was last minute, having worked for ages on some that I managed to ruin, and size of paper got in the way for me.
        If I was judging yours would get first prize, it’s a gorgeous image, is it gold leaf too?

        Anyway, yes be nice to be included at least. i apply for afew things, and best to see what they accept first, it’s so costly. Haveyou heard of New Light art exhib? They rejected my work very disappointing. Still, always worth a try.

        I wil have a proper look at yr work and things later. Textiles looks interesting, very keen to try that so keep buying white clothes to print on!

        Hopefully you can view my work with link I sent. It’s brand new so had some teething probs. Via Crevado, who I like tho it does cost, but very easy to use.

        Speak soon, and great to see your work, so far.

        Kind regards
        Hetty. Edinburgh


  2. Oh thank you so much. Fingers crossed. I always apply for the Northern Print Biennale but haven’t been selected yet. Yes my print is a double plate and the spidery bit is gold leaf printing ink.
    I looked at your website and really liked it – I have a real soft spot for abstract act and particularly like Settled Earth and Apparition. Let me know how you get on. x


    1. Thanks Sheila. It’s good to apply for specific print opens when they come up, which is not often enough sadly. Will let you know re On Paper, I don’t hold out much hope. Will be updating website soon, as I make sketchbooks that are a bit sculptural. Best of luck with the open, great blog btw.
      All the best, Heather x


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